What is Refuge Coffee Co.?

We believe in the power of welcome. We dream of a vibrant resettled refuge community in Clarkston, Georgia, where our new neighbors are embraced and given opportunities to thrive through the business of hospitality through coffee.


Mission: Refuge Coffee Co. relentlessly pursues our goal to provide employment and job-training opportunities to resettled refugees, to create a unique, welcoming gathering place in Clarkston, and to tell a more beautiful refugee story to Atlanta.


Affirmation, dignity, service, and culturally relevant excellence.

The #createrefuge model

We are committed to addressing gaps we see in our community:

Opportunity Gap

The jobless rate in Clarkston is double the national average, which can lead to hopelessness.

Hospitality Gap

85% of immigrants to our country have never been inside an American home, which can lead to loneliness.

Awareness Gap

Most of Atlanta doesn’t know that thousands of refugees from around the world have been resettled in Clarkston over the last 30 years. Refugees need Americans to recognize them as neighbors and to understand their unique cultures and contributions.

#createrefuge solution

Living wage jobs, holistic job training, coaching and mentoring, which gives refugees hope for a better future.

#createrefuge solution

A multi-ethnic gathering place where refugees mingle with local people, which fosters relationships.

#createrefuge solution

Our trainees and our truck help us tell a more beautiful refugee story, opening people’s eyes to the vibrancy and resilience of most refugees.